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Welcome to Mouse Mind Explorer from the University of California Irvine.

This website contains gene expression (RNA-seq) and pathology data from mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and can be searched and explored.  The menu above allows for the selection of familial models of AD (i.e. 5xFAD, 3xTg-AD) mice that contain transgenes and mutations associated with AD, late-onset models of AD (i.e. hAb-KI, TREM2R47H etc.) that do not contain transgenes or autosomal dominant mutations associated with AD, and also data from Wild-type, 5xFAD, and hAb-KI mice on different background strains based on F1 crosses with Collaborative Cross lines.

Data available to explore include RNA-seq (bulk tissue from microdissected hippocampus and cortex), histopathology (plaque number and size, number of microglia, astrocytes, neurons; quantification from both hippocampus and cortex), and biochemistry (Abeta levels (soluble and insoluble fractions) from microdissected hippocampus and cortex, as well as plasma).

Original datasets (FASTQ files, microscopy files and protocols) can be downloaded from the AD Knowledge Portal.

5xFAD miceManuscripts that refer to data that can be found on this website are listed below:

Deep Phenotyping of the 5xFAD mouse model of familial Alzheimer’s disease

hAb-KI manuscript