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The MODEL-AD consortium is developing animal models that contain genetic alterations that are linked to late onset Alzheimer's disease. These mice are publicly available from The Jackson Labs, and all models are thoroughly characterised and the data available on this website. New mice and data are added as they are developed and phenotyped.

In addition to the development of new animal models, the MODEL-AD consortium is also conducting thorough phenotyping of existing widely used animal models to aid the research community with reproducibility, and selection of appropriate models and time points for their own research.

To view details about the various models, and to directly explore data obtained from each one please use the links below, or the menu above.

Mouse Models for Early-Onset AD

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3xTg-AD Mice

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Mouse Models for Late-Onset AD

hAb-KI Mice

TREM2R47H mice

Apoe3 Mice

Apoe4 Mice