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5xfAD mouse model

Insert description of 5xfAD mice (take from Jax Website).

Data from 5xfAD mice (congenic C57bl/6) at 4, 8, and 12 months of age.  Data collected for Behavior, Long-Term Potentiation, RNA-seq, Biochemistry (Ab and Tau levels), and Histology (Plaques, Microglia, Astrocytes, Neurons).  Cortex and Hippocampus analysed separately for most endpoints.

Other organs are banked (eyes, liver, spleen, colon, plasma).

Use the links below to explore the phenotype data from these mice:

Behavior Data: Includes Elevated Plus Maze, Open Field, Novel Object, Novel Place, Y-Maze, and Contextual Fear Conditioning.

Long-Term Potentiation Data: LTP recordings from acute hippocampal slices.

Biochemistry Data: Brain soluble and insoluble Ab, Tau, and inflammatory markers. Plasma Ab, Tau, and inflammatory markers.

Histology Data: Immunofluroescent stains from coronal sections throughout the brain for microglia (IBA1), astrocytes (GFAP and S100b), Neurons (NeuN and CTIP2), and Plaques (Thio-S and 6E10).

Gene Expression Data: RNA-seq from microdissected cortex and hippocampus.